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Flatcare poszukuje osób, które chcą z nami zmieniać rynek nieruchomości w Polsce. Zobacz listę stanowisk, na które aktualnie rekrutujemy tutaj

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Large customer base

Samemu Number of potential clients when working alone
Flatcare Number of potential clients when working with Flatcare

One of the largest customer bases in the region

Thanks to new technologies, modern operating methods and the above-average effectiveness of the adopted cooperation model, we have one of the largest databases of potential customers and we are able to efficiently find a tenant or buyer for your property.

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Earn more

Thanks to Flatcare, you not only save time, but also money. We do everything to sell your or rent your property soon as possible, at the best possible price. You also do not worry about the cost of publishing flat advertisements - we will publish them for you.

Save time

With the help of Flatcare you save your precious time. We take care of you in all activities related to the rental process or sale of a property. You do not have to worry that you will miss something, because we keep you informed about everything and you make all the final decisions.

Make the right decisions

With tenant verification, valuable market reports and the assistance of our employees you are able to make decissions based on numbers and experience. This way, you increase your chances of a safe sale of your property or in the case of a lease, additionally for a trouble-free cooperation with your tenant.

Nasze usługi

Rental management

Renting and housing has never been easier.Modern property management with payment always on the same day of the month, insurance against damage and tenant verification.

Everyday care

Everyday care

Breakdowns, contact with the tenant, collection of letters - you don't have to worry about that anymore, we will do it for you, taking over your duties.

Tenant search

Tenant search

Thanks to our extensive database of people looking for apartments and innovative methods, we are able to efficiently find a tenant for your property.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

While cooperating with us, you will not be left alone after signing the contract with the tenant. We will take responsibility, ensuring the security of your apartment.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Thanks to our innovative technological solutions, all information about your property can be found in the Online Dashboard.

Pozostałe usługi

Rental assist

Tenant search, employment verification and credit history check out, are just some of the tasks in which we can help, so that the risk associated with renting is as low as possible.

Rental assistPremium

Rental brokerage at the highest level. We will help you find a unique tenant for your unique property.

Sales help

To meet the needs of our clients, we are expanding Flatcare's offer with real estate brokerage.

Opinia klientów

Flatcare looks after my apartment in Białołęka. Professional, patient service that will face any problem.
Zuzanna R.
Owner of 1 property

10 days

This is the average time it takes to rent a flat. This time is shorter than 5 days for 60 percent of rented properties.


This is how many people come to us monthly for help in finding another flat.


We give so much of ourselves to help our clients.


I ​​gave my flat to the Flatcare management. The company's representatives took over communication with the tenant, servicing ongoing repairs, as well as payment services. A lot of responsibility was removed from me, while saving my time and nerves.
Martyna M. Właścicielka 3 nieruchomości


Thanks to Flatcare, my apartment was immediately rented and it required minimal commitment on my part. I do not have to worry about tenant service, answering phone calls or repairing faults.
Andrzej K. Właściciel 3 nieruchomości


Before I started working with Flatcare, I had a problem with choosing the right tenants, settling fees on different days of the month, and about constant telephone contact with tenants. Today is history ;-)
Piotr K. Właściciel 1 nieruchomości


When I was looking for a flat to rent, I came across the offers posted by Flatcare. I liked the fact that as a tenant I was secured by signing a contract created by an independent company.
Łukasz S. Najemca

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